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Emergency Light

Includes 9 red LEDs that flash, LED flashlight, Magnetic base, Window Spike and Seatbelt Cutter. Has on the side. To view a clip of the light flashing <click here>. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included
Approximately 7.5" long 1.5" diameter
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Retail $23.95
HandA Value Price:

Sale: $9.95

44K Fuel System Cleaner

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner
BG brand 44K fuel system cleaner. Add to gasoline to clean intake valves, combustion chamber and fuel injectors.
BG 44K is recomended by Pat Goss from PBS's Motorweek
"Some form of fuel injector cleaner should be used on a regular basis. My choice is BG 44k"
<click here> to read it in the Washington Post.

Avoid getting on painted surfaces as it will damage the finish.
11 Ounce can.
The funnel sold below is recommended.

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Retail $29.95
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SmartWax brand carnuba wax. 16 ounce bottle. Goes on easy and wipes back off easily too. Can even be applied in direct sunlight. Combines 100% Brazilian Grade A Carnauba Wax, nature’s most refined wax with the latest in innovative gloss enhancers and surface protectants to bring out your vehicles highest level of shine. Non-abrasive cleaners help restore surface. For fixing scratches and other small imperfections see the polish below.
Do not use on plastic trim.
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Retail $24.95
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SmartWax Polish
SmartWax brand polish. 16 ounce bottle. Formulated to refine paint utilizing micro-fine polishing agents that quickly remove, not cover, mild imperfections, oxidation, scratches and swirls to restore and revive paint to pristine condition. silicone free.
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Retail $18.95
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Detail Spray

SmartWax brand Detail Spray. 16 ounce bottle. SmartDetail is a spray-and-wipe wax product that restores a just-waxed, deep, wet-looking shine to your car's paint, trim and glass in a matter of minutes. Use it after washing to restore slickness, shine and full SmartWax or SmartSealant protection. Use it between washes to remove light dust, fingerprints, insects and bird droppings.
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Retail $12.95
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Car Wash

SmartWax brand Car Wash. 16 ounce bottle. Formulated using the latest synthetic polymers and surfactant technology, SmartCarwash wash shampoo concentrate quickly loosens and emulsifies the toughest dirt and road grime while lubricants allow the soil to safely glide away in the rinse water. SmartCarwash polymers cling to the clean finish providing shine and protection. Concentrated, only 1 capful is needed in 3 gallons of water.
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Retail $9.95
HandA Value Price:


Smart Clay

SmartWax brand clay bar. Removes bonded contamination that washing leaves behind. Easily and gently lifts foreign particles, impurities and environmental contaminants rom paint. Makes paint ready for polishing & waxing. The first step to a slick, smooth, ultra high gloss paint finish.
Use the Smart Detail spray sold above as lube for the clay to prevent marring of the surface.
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Retail $24.95
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Waterless Wash and Wax

SmartWax One, Waterless wash and wax. 16 ounce bottle. Simply misted onto surface, one softens, lifts, and encapsulates dirt particles in a protective lubricant that is easily and safely wiped away with a microfiber towel. The light carnauba wax haze left is then buffed away leaving a beautiful showroom shine, that reduces static charge allowing for maximum repellency of dirt.
Quality microfiber towels are recommended to aid in pulling the dirt away from the surface.
Not recommended for removing heavy dirt or mud.
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Retail $14.95
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Sale: $9.54

Water Spot Remover

Bio-Clean products hard water spot remover. Abrasive paste polishes away mineral deposit water spots. Removes hard water built up spots, not ones that are etched (indented) into the glass.
Do not use on painted or polished surfaces.
To avoid damage to surface be sure to follow directions closely.

20 Ounce bottle.
To see the instructions Click Here
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Retail $15.95
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